Training & Certifications

Reiki Practitioner Certification

Yoga Teacher Training –Yoga Alliance, RYT-200

Wellness Proponent Certification

New Millennium Project looks forward to training our military warriors to train others to become healers and teachers.

Reiki Certification

First Degree Reiki

Do you want to:

Feel better?
Balance the stress in your life?
Bring clarity and increased mindfulness into your life?
Bring perspective and wisdom to the challenges of your career, relationships, and finances?

Reiki is easy to learn and to practice. Because Reiki can be practiced at any convenient time during the day, or when you’re going to sleep at night, even the busiest students have found time to practice. Consistent daily practice over time will yield the greatest benefits.

You will begin practicing self-Reiki during Level I. Besides learning and practicing self-Reiki you will also learn the protocols for offering informal Reiki sessions to your family, close friends, or animals in your life. We will discuss how Reiki supports your wellness and medical therapies, and a brief history of Reiki.

The Usui Reiki System through this lineage consists of the traditional Usui, Hayashi, Takata teachings. The class size is limited to allow each person time for questions. Everyone will receive a comprehensive manual and certificate.

Training Includes:

• Brief history of Reiki
• Reiki principles & precepts
• The functions of the initiations
• Meeting Your Reiki Master Meditation
• Attunement to First Degree Reiki
• Demonstration and practice of beginning techniques of hands-on for yourself and others
• Each class includes time for questions, review, and practice
• Each student receives a comprehensive manual and certificate of completion
• Ongoing teacher support

Second Degree

The Second Degree Reiki Program empowers you to instantly expand your healing capacity and increase the flow of Universal Energy through hands-on applications for oneself, family members, pets, plants, and situations. You will learn and practice the use of distance healing. Remote Reiki empowers you to help other people, plants, and animals from any distance without physical touch.

Training Includes:

• Attunement to Second Degree Reiki
• Remote Reiki (Distance Reiki Method)
• Hands-on application
• Expanded awareness and personal transformation
• Overview of the chakras (energy system)
• Certificate
• On-going teacher support

*Level I & II are taught together

Advanced Reiki Techniques
*You must have received at least Level II attunement to attend

Training Includes:

• Receive attunement to Tibetan Reiki
• Learn a Reiki Moving Meditation that helps one become more grounded, centered and energized.
• Practice a Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind, expands consciousness and increases the strength of one’s Reiki energy. May also be used to solve problems and achieve goals.
• Create a Reiki grid using crystals that can continuously send healing and manifestation energy to yourself, other people, animals, events and goals.
• Learn Reiki Aura Clearing which has also been called Reiki Psychic Surgery that allows you to quickly remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it up to be healed.

You don’t want to miss this class. The information you receive will give you new tools to use in conjunction with what you have already learned.

• Using the crystal grid has created some amazing healings with pets as well as people.
• The meditation takes you to a new depth of experience with reiki
• The chelation and psychic surgery give you more options and deeper healing within the structure of your Reiki practice.
• Reiki Meditation to deepen your practice

Third Degree

• Morning Mayan Meditation
• Discussion of your experiences with Q & A
• Experience the transformational meditation “Journey into Mastery”
• Receive attunement to Reiki III and receive the Reiki III and Master symbol to facilitate healing at a spiritual level
• Give and receive full Reiki treatments
• Use the Reiki III symbol and the Master symbol
• Receive amplification symbol
• Business/Ethics
• Learn the attunement process

Yoga Teacher Training

• Our Yoga Teacher Training provides a nationally approved program leading to certification through the Yoga   Alliance.

• Teacher certification programs are offered for 200-hour and 500-hour levels for Kundalini Flow Yoga, meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Yoga Alliance.

• The program is practical and comprehensive, allowing each student the time to experience, participate, assimilate and put into practice what you will need to know to become an effective teacher.

• In addition to learning the practical aspects of a yoga practice, you will learn the history of yoga, extensive pranayama (breathing) practices and meditation techniques. Your curriculum will also cover the mind and meditation, sound vibration, and an introduction to Ayurveda and Breathwalk.

• The teacher training program fulfills the national standards developed by the Yoga Alliance for Yoga Teacher Certification. The national standards were developed by the Yoga Alliance in cooperation with yoga organizations and teacher training programs.

• The certification standards specify required coursework hours for yoga instructors in yoga techniques, teaching yoga, eastern and western anatomy, methodology, yoga philosophy, ethics, lifestyle and more. Students are required to complete a practice session as well as outside of the classroom assignments.

• Students who complete the program are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) to be included in the national directory of certified yoga teachers.

Please contact us for further information.

Wellness Proponent Certification 

Become a Wellness Proponent!

Why not expand your wellness background? This workshop features the nation’s first wellness certification. The 4-hour workshop involves participants in learning about their own personal wellness choices while covering 10 dimensions of wellness.

Participants become Certified Wellness Proponents.

We also provide community classes for a discounted fee:

• Healing Touch
• Essential Oils and Use of Aromatherapy
• Qi-gong
• Meditation
• Yoga
• More

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