who we are

A community of practitioners and teachers of alternative therapies volunteering services to support the healing of our military veterans.

What we do

We honor, heal, and empower veterans living with post-traumatic stress and chronic pain by administering proven programs of complementary alternative therapies.

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View and share the stories of our work with veterans, volunteer your services and donate money.

Our Mission

New Millennium Project honors, heals, and empowers Houston’s veterans and service members living with post-traumatic stress, chronic pain and related symptoms by administering proven, integrative programs of complementary somatic treatments and mindfulness teachings. Once considered “alternative,” the treatments incorporated in our program are now considered by leading experts in trauma resolution to be among the most effective primary approaches to address the effects of trauma.

Our Story

The vision of New Millennium Project is to uplift others mentally, physically and spiritually by sharing and teaching healing modalities that can be used by each individual to bring more peace, harmony and balance into their lives. We share techniques with any military personnel or veteran who has a desire to learn, but our focus at this time is sharing with veterans who may be suffering with PTS and general stress. The goal is to create a space for healing of the body, mind and spirit, which translates into sharing peacefulness throughout our community, the nation and the world.