We Love Our Veterans!

Who We Are

Houston is home to more than 300,000 military veterans, many of whom live with the daily pain of the physical and emotional wounds of their service to our country.

New Millennium Project, established in 2011, is a non-profit 501(c)3 based in Houston, Texas. We are a community of practitioners and teachers of alternative healing therapies and awareness practices who volunteer time, energy, and services to support the healing of our military veterans, many of whom are suffering from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and chronic physical pain associated with their military service. Our volunteers include certified/licensed acupuncturists; massage therapists; yoga, meditation, EFT, and qigong instructors; Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners; and other caring contributors.

Charlene Fox, owner and director of the Anahata School of Meditation and Healing, founded New Millennium Project in 2012 to provide an avenue for Houston’s generous network of healing practitioners to give back to Houston’s military veterans.


The vision of New Millennium Project is to uplift others mentally, physically and spiritually by sharing and teaching healing modalities that can be used by each individual to bring more peace, harmony and balance into their lives. We share techniques with any military personnel or veteran who has a desire to learn, but our focus at this time is sharing with veterans who may be suffering with PTS and general stress. The goal is to create a space for healing of the body, mind and spirit, which translates into sharing peacefulness throughout our community, the nation and the world.


The mission of New Millennium Project is to offer therapeutic services and to train and teach others in the art of various healing modalities such as: reiki, massage therapy, healing touch, polarity therapy, qigong, yoga and meditation. Representatives of New Millennium Project are trained to share these healing modalities with others in need. Our goal is to train as many practitioners as possible to share healing throughout Houston, the State of Texas, and the U. S. including American military bases around the world.

Our Story

New Millennium Project has a team of 15-20 certified/licensed acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners who volunteer their time, energy and services to support veterans struggling with the symptoms of PTS. New Millennium Project has aligned with several veterans organizations in the Houston, Texas area: American Legion, Ride2Recovery and Unified Veterans of America. Veteran clients who experience these non-invasive therapies report results including deep relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, relief from insomnia and promotion of a deep sense of well-being. New Millennium Project offers these services completely FREE to veterans from any military branch and campaign. NMP offers Reiki and other energetically based therapies, chair massage, acupuncture and yoga based stress reduction techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, stretching and more. All practitioners are certified and/or licensed as required by law.

NMP also raises money to provide scholarships for veterans wanting to become certified teachers/instructors so they may continue to help themselves and others. Based on feedback from those who have experienced NMP’s services, all have had a very positive experience without exception. The most common response to the effects of these therapies is “Our veterans need this!”

It has been so rewarding to observe people who have never experienced these modalities. Some can’t believe how relaxed they are; others have tears streaming down their faces. NMP envisions a world of caring and sharing at a level that inspires others to do the same, making the world a better place through the gift of touch therapies.